The TN Social Work in Public Defense Study Has Launched!

April Faith-Slaker has been on the road this past week launching the Lab’s newest field operation. Working closely with a group of collaborators throughout Tennessee, April has over the past eight months co-developed and now launched an evaluation of the impact of a holistic defense approach that includes social workers on the public defense team. Read more about The TN Social Work in Public Defense Study Has Launched![…]

Previewing and Reviewing Pretrial Risk Assessment RCTs

On Tuesday, Jan. 16 pretrial staff in Polk County, Iowa entered their offices with a slightly different charge. They had been accustomed to perusing a list of arrestees scheduled for first appearance and searching for individuals who qualified for an interview and pre-disposition release. That morning, some staff members continued this time- and resource-intensive practice. Read more about Previewing and Reviewing Pretrial Risk Assessment RCTs[…]

RCTs in law: the Shriver studies

As you may remember from a previous post, the A2J Lab is developing an RCT in Providence, Rhode Island to study the effectiveness of triage in summary eviction cases. Part of our interest in studying eviction is that it’s a topic very much on policymakers’ minds. Because housing instability continues to receive a lot of Read more about RCTs in law: the Shriver studies[…]

Why RCTs? Recent study on stents is one example

This past week, we’ve been avidly watching reactions to a new study, published in The Lancet, about the efficacy of using stents to help patients with chest pain. The New York Times ran an article on the study; so did The Atlantic. If you haven’t been following this (potential) bombshell of an RCT, the study Read more about Why RCTs? Recent study on stents is one example[…]

RITES Goes Local

We’re excited to announce a new collaborative venture on the Rhode Island Triage and Eviction Study (“RITES”) team. Five outstanding students at the Roger Williams University School of Law have joined the project to conduct summary eviction court observations and interview unrepresented tenant-defendants who are experiencing the eviction process themselves. These raw data, so to speak, Read more about RITES Goes Local[…]

The Lab’s New Guardianship Service of Process Study Has Launched!

As of yesterday, September 5, a new A2J Lab study is in the field at the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse in downtown Boston! Together with our partners at the Boston Court Service Center (“CSC”) and the Volunteer Lawyers Project (“VLP”) of the Boston Bar Association, we are evaluating (via RCT, of course) whether self-help materials can make a difference Read more about The Lab’s New Guardianship Service of Process Study Has Launched![…]

Public Safety Assessment Featured on NPR’s Planet Money

Our first RCT studying the Public Safety Assessment (“PSA”), the pre-disposition release assessment tool developed by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, is well underway in Dane County, WI. Madison is far from the only place the PSA currently is in use; this recent piece from the Planet Money podcast highlights the implementation of the Read more about Public Safety Assessment Featured on NPR’s Planet Money[…]

Assessing Pretrial Risk Assessment

Of Scores and Simulations

Evidence-based practices in criminal law proceedings are rapidly gainingtraction. Some high-level officials and scholars have voiced concerns about their use in sentencing, as the empirical turn in judicial decision-making continues to gain momentum. A significant portion of the A2J Lab’s mission is to take the practice community’s concerns seriously and then rigorously evaluate solutions to procedural problems.