December 21, 2020

OSF Registrations

We make all of our publications and, as much as possible consistent with legal and ethical obligations (particularly those related to privacy and confidentiality), all of our data publicly available. To view our study designs, methodologies, data, and results when available, visit the projects and registrations on Open Science Framework (OSF).

Project Name

OSF Link

Addressing Implicit Bias in
AmeriCorps Members in the Legal Aid
Court Date Reminders in a Public Defense
Dane County PSA
Evaluating an Online Dispute Resolution System in Florida’s 11th Judicial Circuit Using an Encouragement
Evaluating Components of an Online Dispute Resolution System in Carroll County,
Federal Court Mediation
Financial Distress Research
Guardianship Service of Process
Homelessness Prevention through Eviction Diversion: an
Linn County Iowa PSA
Non-Lawyer Assistance in the Legal Aid
Philadelphia Divorce
Plain Language Court Forms
Polk County Iowa PSA
Problem of Default Part II
Social Work in Public Defense
The Final Stage Reentry Project: an RCT of Expungement and its Effect on Recidivism, Housing, and
The Problem of Default, Part
Utah Multi-Site PSA
Ride Sharing App Failure to Appear