Top 10 A2J Research Priorities: #4

Happy Monday! We’re back with our Top 10 A2J Research Priorities YouTube series. This time, Faculty Director Jim Greiner talks about the effectiveness of different service levels.

As a reminder, we at the Lab have come up with a list of what we consider to be the top 10 access to justice research priorities. This list will be published weekly on our YouTube channel, in quick 2-3 minute videos to wake you up and get you excited about how ripe the field of access to justice is for experimentation, research, and, of course, RCTs.

Here’s our fourth installment:

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1 thought on “Top 10 A2J Research Priorities: #4

  • This comment might be for #1 (not 4). The speaker makes a very strong assertation that in the US we have decided that we are not going to give legal representation in civil cases–and makes seem like the issue has been decided for ever and ever. However, at the state level–progress is being made on that front. So–the statement is correct for now–it is a reflection of the status now–but that could change and it also varies by state.
    In some states–progress is being made–and so the statement needs to be changed to “no right to civil legal aid now” or from a “federal funding source” however this varies by state, and in some states there is movement to fund and provide legal assistance and representation. Time will tell if we ever get there–despite that progress–there will always be a place and time for self help and triage. Thanks for posting the videos.

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