Explore divorce evaluation results with a new interactive tool

Melissa Gayton is a Special Projects Assistant with the Access to Justice Lab and a student at Harvard College. In 2018, the A2J Lab completed a study with the help of the Philadelphia VIP and the Philadelphia Family Court on the accessibility of divorce in Philadelphia. The study randomized low-income people seeking a divorce into Read more about Explore divorce evaluation results with a new interactive tool[…]

Ready, Set, Launch…AmeriCorps in Legal Aid (Montana)

We’re live in Montana! Our collaborators at Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) have worked hard with April Faith-Slaker over the past several months to design an evaluation of their AmeriCorps non-lawyer advocacy program. This newest evaluation adds a lot of firsts for the A2J Lab: the first study focusing on a primarily rural location, the Read more about Ready, Set, Launch…AmeriCorps in Legal Aid (Montana)[…]

New guide for plain language in law

Speaking and writing with clarity is a core need for communication. In all professions focusing on improving access to justice, this concept is woven throughout our work as a key element to enabling our constituencies, clients, and users to understand process and obligations. Work to make language easier to understand is particularly important in the Read more about New guide for plain language in law[…]

Coding for Lawyers

We had a great turnout at our Coding for Lawyers session at this year’s Innovation in Technology Conference (ITC) held in New Orleans. Taught by A2J Lab researcher Matthew Stubenberg and Harvard Law School’s Access to Justice/Technology Fellow William Palin, the session went into the details of what’s inside the software and platforms that lawyers Read more about Coding for Lawyers[…]

Access to justice issue of Dædalus available free online

If you’re looking for some good reading this week, we’ve got you covered. The current issue of Dædalus, a publication of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, is entirely focused on how the U.S. can address the access to justice gap. The first-ever open access issue of the journal, the publication includes twenty-four essays that cover a Read more about Access to justice issue of Dædalus available free online[…]

The TN Social Work in Public Defense Study Has Launched!

April Faith-Slaker has been on the road this past week launching the Lab’s newest field operation. Working closely with a group of collaborators throughout Tennessee, April has over the past eight months co-developed and now launched an evaluation of the impact of a holistic defense approach that includes social workers on the public defense team. Read more about The TN Social Work in Public Defense Study Has Launched![…]

Divorce evaluation results are in!

We’ve completed the Philadelphia divorce study, and we’re excited to share the results! You can read about the study’s findings in Faculty Director Jim Greiner’s op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer online. (Note: philly.com uses a limited paywall with a ten-article limit.) After six years of work with our partners in Philadelphia VIP, an organization that matches low-income Read more about Divorce evaluation results are in![…]

What’s the point of a p-value?

Earlier this year, the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University was caught up in a scandal. The alleged transgression? P-hacking. If you have no idea what that means, this post is for you. The papers from our completed studies all use a metric called a “p-value” in the results. A p-value (“p” for probability) Read more about What’s the point of a p-value?[…]