The Evaluation Feedback Project Has Launched

Discussions about the use of performance standards and metrics to measure the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of legal services have become common in the access to justice community. Increasingly, legal services programs are being asked to use data to communicate about their effectiveness to funders, community stakeholders, and policy makers. And, more importantly, by grounding decisions about legal assistance in evidence-based approaches, we will all be better prepared to determine how best to assist people in need.

Some service providers are responding to this call to implement better evaluation methods by designating an attorney or other administrative staff to manage surveying, the collection and analysis of administrative data, and collaboration with others to conduct needs assessments and impact analyses. However, many do not have a background in program evaluation, and there currently exists no organized, national resource for facilitating collaboration or the sharing of information across legal programs on this topic.

The access to justice community can do a lot to collaborate rather than each program reinventing the evaluation wheel. To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise in an effort to grow evaluation capacity among our peers, the A2J Lab has partnered with Rachel Perry (Principal, Strategic Data Analytics) and Kelly Shaw-Sutherland (Manager Research and Evaluation, Legal Aid of Nebraska) to launch a project that seeks to match programs that are working to develop evaluation instruments (e.g., client surveys, interview and focus group protocols, etc.) with experts who volunteer to provide feedback on the design of these tools. The volunteers are our own peers from the field who have done work in this arena, as well as a network of trained evaluation experts, many of whom have experience with evaluation in other fields.

Here’s how the project works:
1. A program or individual submits an evaluation tool for feedback;
2. We determine if the submission falls within the scope of this project;
3. We match the submission with 1-3 evaluators from a volunteer database;
4. Volunteers review the evaluation tool and provide feedback to the original submitter.

A secondary goal of this project is to create more of a community of data and evaluation oriented folks within the access to justice world. So, we encourage all of you to get involved! Check out the project page to learn more, submit an evaluation instrument to receive feedback, or volunteer to provide feedback to other programs working on developing evaluation tools.

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  • Bravo! I am working with colleagues in India who are gathering methods of legal aid impact assessment. Please keep me informed about your work.

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