Top 10 A2J Research Priorities: #5

We’re back with our Top 10 A2J Research Priorities YouTube series! #5 on the list is “inducing action.”

As a reminder, we at the Lab have come up with a list of what we consider to be the top 10 access to justice research priorities. This list will be published weekly on our YouTube channel, in quick 2-3 minute videos to wake you up and get you excited about how ripe the field of access to justice is for experimentation, research, and, of course, RCTs.

Here’s our fifth installment:

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1 thought on “Top 10 A2J Research Priorities: #5

  • Would be great to know more about what subjective litigant criteria you are planning to look at-to figure out what makes people take action and follow advice or information and what makes other groups abandon a case or action mid stream. I suspect that on income and health will be key factors (which are also correlated to each other)–and location (urban vs. rural (as a proxy of support services available to those in the mist of litigation). This could be a very productive area of research. Look forward to see what other disciplines come in–for example public health education? because it is in part behavior modification what might be a long term goal here. (getting large groups not to default on rent, or default on an answer to eviction).

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