January 2, 2018

Evaluation Feedback Project

Are you affiliated with a legal services program that is working to develop new evaluation instruments (a client survey, intake form, focus group questions, etc.) for which you would like some feedback? Or, do you consider yourself to have some relevant expertise and would like to volunteer to provide feedback to programs working on an evaluation instrument? Or, are you a professor with students or recent graduates in need of an evaluation project? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this project is for you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Program or individual submits an evaluation tool for feedback,

2. We determine if the submission falls within the scope of this project,

3. We match the submission with 1-3 evaluators from our volunteer database,

4. Volunteer evaluators review the evaluation tool and provide feedback to the original submitter.

Read more on the blog. Or, scroll down for a list of FAQs. Otherwise, please feel free to submit an evaluation tool or join our group of volunteer reviewers by clicking the appropriate button below. Note that joining the group means that you may be contacted in the future to review a program’s evaluation tool and does not commit you to providing any feedback at this time. You are welcome to decline any requests for feedback that we send you in the future.


Join a group of volunteers to provide feedback
Submit an evaluation instrument for feedback


Frequently Asked Questions

What evaluation instruments are appropriate for this project?

Because this project relies on the generosity of volunteers, it is intended for programs that have already made progress in developing an evaluation instrument or plan and would like some brief feedback. If you are just beginning this process, the assistance you need may be beyond the scope of this project, as volunteers are not paid and we do not expect them to contribute significant time providing feedback. Tools such as drafted client surveys, client intake forms, surveys of attorneys, focus group questions, or brief evaluation plans are appropriate, although a final determination will be made after you have submitted your instrument through the submission portal linked to above.

What happens if I submit an evaluation instrument that is determined to be beyond the scope of this project?

You will receive an email indicating that we are unable to process your submission through this project. We may, however, be able to suggest some consultants with whom your organization can work to bring your project to fruition. Or, if your evaluation endeavor fits within the A2J Lab’s mission, we may suggest collaborating to implement a more rigorous research study.

We also recommend the Scholar Advocacy Matchup, which is a virtual platform for a meeting of the minds between scholars and advocates to connect and collaborate in a more meaningful way. Feel free to visit the SAM website to create a profile and find scholars who may be able to help with your research idea.

How long will it take to receive feedback?

The timeline depends in part on the reviewers with whom you are matched. We anticipate that feedback may take up to 1 month, but some may certainly take longer.

How many reviewers will be assigned to my submission?

The goal is to match your submission with at least one expert from the legal services community and one expert from the evaluation community, but our ability to do this will depend on the availability of the volunteers. We anticipate you will be matched with 1-3 volunteer evaluators for feedback.

Am I allowed to follow up with the volunteer reviewers?

We will provide the volunteer evaluators with your contact information and they may reach out to you for with questions or requests for additional information. You will be able to reply at that time, but we encourage you to be mindful that your reviewers are volunteering their time.

How was the reviewer database created?

We have compiled this database by working through our network of legal-evaluation experts and experts who focus on evaluation in other fields as well. The database is a work-in-progress, however, and we encourage anyone who is interested in joining to do so by clicking on the volunteer button above.

Who should volunteer to be part of the reviewer database?

Anyone who has either expertise in evaluation or experience doing evaluation in the legal services arena is welcome to join by clicking the volunteer button above. You will be asked to indicate your level and type of expertise so that we can provide an appropriate match. You will not be asked to provide feedback on something for which you do not have expertise.

What is the time commitment for volunteer evaluators?

The time commitment for volunteers may vary, but based on our experience, volunteer evaluators have been able to provide useful feedback to organizations regarding their evaluation tools by spending about one to three hours reviewing tools and communicating their feedback.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to provide feedback, should I still join the volunteer database?

Yes, please do join. If and when we reach out to you for feedback, you are welcome to decline the request for any reason.

Who are the partners on this project?

This project is a collaboration between the A2J Lab, Rachel Perry (Principal, Strategic Data Analytics), and Kelly Shaw-Sutherland (Manager Research and Evaluation, Legal Aid of Nebraska)

I neither have a submission nor want to volunteer, but am interested in this project more generally. How can I find out more?

General inquiries about this project can be directed to April Faith-Slaker.