MA Guardianship Policy Institute Event this December

The Lab’s current Guardianship Service of Process Study is going strong in the field, and we’re not the only ones actively thinking about the topic. On Wednesday, Dec. 6, the Massachusetts Guardianship Policy Institute will facilitate “A National Perspective on Guardianship and Decisional Support,” a day-long conference exploring the state of both areas in several different contexts.

This event will present several different perspectives, and the Lab is always looking for new lenses through which to view fields we study. The A2J Lab doesn’t have an opinion about whether guardianship, or alternatives to it, are good or bad, nor about the situations in which any alternatives are appropriate. We believe that as long as guardianship is a step that the law makes available, its availability should turn on the criteria outlined in governing law and not (as it appears to now) on whether a petitioner has a lawyer or is able to negotiate procedural hurdles involved in a petition’s processing.

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