October 11, 2017

The Problem of Default Part II

The Problem of Default: Part II

This study builds on the smaller pilot study in Boston, the Debt Collection Default Study, which measures what kinds of mailings from legal services providers to defendants are effective in reducing default rates in debt collection cases. To our knowledge, Part I of the study is the first of its kind to evaluate an intervention intended to reduce default rates in civil cases using a randomized control trial.

Part II of the A2J Lab’s study of default in debt collection cases has been in the field since June 2017. This iteration extends the study design from Part I to include more treatment arms and court venues. As anyone familiar with field operations appreciates, especially those of the randomized variety, study volume is crucial to statistical success. This page will keep track—in glorious real time—of cases entering the study at our participating court locations.

Check back from time to time to see current statistics and historical counts!

(Note: CV = civil claims; SC = small claims)