A2J Lab welcomes new staff

While the blog has been quiet over the past few month, the Lab’s offices have been busy! We’re excited to announce that we have three new members of the research team.

Renee Danser joins the Lab as Associate Director of Research and Strategic Partnerships. Bringing significant experience in court administration, Renee most recently served as Deputy Director of the Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN).

The Lab’s first Data Analyst, Ryan Halen brings considerable expertise in empirical research and tech-based data analytics. In addition to his work with the Lab, Ryan is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the University of Minnesota.

As we seek to add more evaluations of legal technology to our research, Matthew Stubenberg will bring an incredible depth of knowledge. The Lab’s Associate Director of Legal Technology, Matthew’s most recent work involved creating the CLUE program and database for the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, which scrapes out Maryland public court records and contains more than 20 million cases.

In the coming weeks, Renee, Matthew, and Ryan will be sharing updates on their research portfolios, including opportunities for new partnerships. Please reach out to any of them if you’d like to learn more about what they’re working on or would like to suggest a study that they pursue.

Our new teammates can never replace our former colleagues—and fortunately they don’t have to. Chris Griffin, our former Research Director, and Erika Rickard, our former Associate Director of Field Research, both remain actively engaged with the Lab’s work as affiliates.

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